Create a portfolio website with Coventry.Domains

As you progress through your education, you’re gaining new skills, learning a wealth of information and preparing for your future career. A great way to track this progress and showcase your achievements to potential employers and collaborators is to create your own online portfolio.

With Coventry.Domains WordPress, you can log in (using your Coventry University Group credentials), and start a new website in no time. You can add text, image galleries, video, social media embeds and other rich media to tell your own story.

The Coventry.Domains homepage – go check it out!

We’re discussing portfolios here, but Coventry.Domains can be used to make other types of websites for personal or academic projects, and you can create as many sites as you need!

You’ll have access to service throughout your education, and you can export your content before you graduate.


  1. Watch the video below as Noah from the Coventry.Domains team makes a quick portfolio site for a fictional photography student.
  2. Head to the registration page to create your account.
  3. Create a new page and add a profile photo and some basic information about yourself. Make this your new homepage in Settings > Reading.

(If you get stuck, there are loads of tips and videos on the Coventry.Domains Knowledge Base)