Creating your online CV

CV documents always play a key role in recruitment processes as they summarise your qualifications, professional experience, skills and other achievements.

Europass is a free-of-charge platform launched by the European Commission in 2020 to help you easily create and share your CV, and other relevant documentation, with anyone you wish (e.g. employers, education institutions, career advisors). It is a secure set of online tools and information for everyone, regardless of your nationality or country of residence and it is available in 29 languages.

After creating your log-in and adding relevant details (e.g. skills, qualifications, experience) to your Europass profile, you will then be able to generate different CV versions – depending on job requirements – and share them online or export as PDF. Likewise, you can use Europass to create cover letters, store documents such as certificates or diplomas, and have access to a large database of jobs and courses.


  • Watch the video ‘Quick Tutorial: Create you CVs’.

In case you cannot see the video as embedded above, please follow this link to watch it.

  1. Following the instructions from the video above, create a log-in and populate your Europass Profile.
  2. Share it with a ‘critical friend’ to get feedback, by means of one of the two following methods:
    1. Go to your Europass profile and click on the ‘Share’ button (next to the ‘Add Profile in a new language’. Follow the steps.
    2. Click on ‘Create a CV’, safe it to your library and then share it as a PDF or via a link.
  3. In order to make the most of this tool, we suggest the following actions:
    • Take the IT Skills Test and after earning the IT Skills Equipped open badge add it to your Europass profile.
    • Develop new skills with LinkedIn Learning and after getting a certificate of completion add it to your Europass library and profile.
    • If you have an online portfolio, personal website or blog on Coventry.Domains, add a new tab to its menu linking to a version of your Europass CV (for this we recommend only including just the most important highlights and not adding any personal details such your address).

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash