16. Digital storytelling

Learning how to tell powerful stories with digital media may not only be helpful in your studies, but it is also a very valuable skill to employers across industry. It can also be useful as a self promotion tool about yourself or your work.

We recommend 2 apps which can help you do this in a fast & very engaging way – Microsoft Sway & Adobe Spark. Why not try them out & see which you like?



  1. Take a look at the Digital Storytelling video on LinkedIn Learning (3 mins). With the points raised, start to plan your story.
  2. Watch the Adobe Spark: Create Compelling Stories video​ (1 min).
  3. Complete the Telling a Story with Adobe Spark course on LinkedIn Learning ​
  4. Use Adobe Spark to tell the story of how you decided what degree you wanted to study at university or a story about you, for potential employers to view.


  1. Watch the video What is a Sway? on LinkedIn Learning.​
  2. Use Sway to tell either the same story as you did with Spark or a different one.​

​* Please note that some of the resources required to complete these tasks might be only available to enrolled students of the Coventry University Group. If you are still in the process of getting enrolled, you may add a note to the Action Plan document available from induction so that so don’t forget completing these tasks later on.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash