Index of items

Item 1. Making your study space safer
Item 2. Testing your digital skills
Item 3. Entering the Coventry EdTech Ecosystem
Item 4. Developing Skills with LinkedIn Learning
Item 5. Managing your passwords
Item 6. Protecting yourself from online scams & phishing
Item 7. Spotting misinformation & fake news
Item 8. Peer mentoring with Vygo
Item 9. Finding Library resources with Locate
Item 10. Finding your key reading with Talis & BibliU
Item 11. Storing, managing & syncing files with OneDrive
Item 12. Organising your learning with OneNote
Item 13. Planning your work with Outlook
Item 14. Doing email the right way
Item 15. Collaborating on Microsoft Teams
Item 16. Digital storytelling
Item 17. Blocking distractions with the Pomodoro technique
Item 18. Creating your online CV